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Lines have been drawn that perpetuate racism in every industry.

Some of these lines can be seen. Others can be heard.

These are sonic color lines - invisible but pervasive barriers that reward white voices and marginalize voices of color.

Today, we’re taking a stand for sonic diversity. Will you stand with us as we work to open our ears, and the ears of everyone around us, to a world that is more sonically diverse?

Together, we can break the sonic color line and redefine the sound of the American voice.

Pledge your name and your organization to the following actions today
  1. Make a specific, measurable, and public commitment to casting Black voices.
  2. Diversify internal talent rosters, strive to have BIPOC represent at least 50% of the roster.
  3. Adopt the Stand for Sonic Diversity Best Practices, and distribute to all creative contributors, stakeholders and vendors influencing audio creative.
Stand For Sonic Diversity - Best Practices
  • Strive to have Black voices represent at least 15% of the total voice over roster.
  • Diversify casting and aim to increase Black voice talent cast by 30% over 2020 totals
  • Refuse to support casting where white voice actors are cast in Black roles.
  • Never direct Black voice talent to sound “more black” or “less black” or use “blackccent”
  • Diversify voices cast for the “general market,” rather than defaulting to the use of a white voice
  • Audit casting practices on a regular basis to ensure adherence to diverse casting practices.
  • Extend DEI efforts to all those making decisions regarding voice casting and scripting.
  • Establish and engage a review process to identify and flag stereotypes in creative work.
  • Engage professionals who can work with your teams to encourage active listening, acknowledging the sonic color lines we draw in our lives, our work, and our communities.

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